Take Pop Art Home With You!

Popular Art celebrates the daily routine and everyday items of popular culture. Themes are drawn from iconic images and a consumer-oriented, materialistic society. Pop Art blurred boundaries between fine and commercial art using photo-realism, mass production printmaking and other techniques.

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Pop Art Movement – What’s the Point?

Pop Art is a movement that began in England around the end of the 1950s. The United States quickly adopted it, and in the 1960s and 1970s the mainstream art world as well as the general population accepted the style. In the beginning, it was a response to abstract expressionism and the elitist idea that art needed sophistication or an understanding of special concepts in order to be appreciated. Pop Art, or the Pop Art art style as it is also known, has grown to be one of most loved styles around the globe.

Popular Art celebrates everyday objects in popular culture, as well as the daily lives of people. The themes are derived from icons of consumer-oriented societies and materialistic images. Guest Posting pop art blurred the boundaries between fine art work and commercial artwork by using photo-realistic techniques.

Digital Technology Used to Create Photo Pop Art

Pop Art continues to be popular, and is well suited for the advancements in materials and technology. Pop Art works well with film animations and computer games. Pop Art Canvas Prints are among the latest popular variations of Pop Art.

Modern Printing Techniques are used to create a photo-based pop art.

It is a logical progression of Pop Art to create a work of original art by using digital photography.

You can create your own unique photo pop art by converting a picture of you or of someone else. It could be a portrait that is of yourself, of a member of your family, or of a beloved pet. Pop Art has been reinterpreted by you as an original piece of artwork in the highest tradition.