Astrology and Gemstone Therapy

Now that you have your horoscope, you are analyzing the information from the astrologer. You see strengths and weaknesses in your chart. Now you are wondering “now what?” What can you do? Can you counterbalance weaknesses or increase your strengths? It is possible. Vedic Astrologers have found a way to quickly see results by wearing untreated natural moldavite stone.

Gem therapy or planetary gemology dates back to ancient Indian and Greek cultures. Gems were worn by both men and women for their potencies and not just for their financial value. As a way to expand their power in their kingdoms, Kings and Queens would use gemstones as part of their crowns and other parts of their bodies. The gems that royalty wore were of the finest quality to produce such powerful effects. However, gems can still be used today by the majority of people for their many beneficial effects.

The Indian scriptures known as the “Vedas”, contain the most detailed descriptions and practical knowledge of gemstones. These Sanskrit texts contain specific information about the various gems’ potentialities, and also provide instructions for proper medical and astrological use. Gems were used in ancient Vedic culture to direct subtle forces of nature. In today’s technological world, certain properties of gems are also recognized. This is evident in quartz crystals used in timepieces and diamonds used in supercomputers and lasers. Over a billion people worldwide have used Vedic gem therapy to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual lives. This seems to be a new age concept only in the west, as there is very little textual evidence of this science from ancient cultures. This science has been in practice for thousands of years in many eastern countries, going back to the earliest recorded histories.

The ancient Vedic system of Vedic Astrology, which is an extremely precise and insightful system that relies on fixed positions of constellations and stars (the sidereal zodiac), is used to provide planetary gemology. This system can accurately determine a person’s strengths, weaknesses, and the future direction of their destiny. The positions of planets at the time we were born reflect our karma, which is a result of past actions and life experiences. They are representative of the many energies of the universe. Each planet controls a different type of cosmic energy, which is transmitted throughout our solar system. These energy transmissions are responsible for the formation of life on this planet as well as our bodies and minds. The sun’s order is maintained by the specific wavelengths of energy received and given by the orbiting planets. These energies are transmitted in light.

Vedic astrology can also be called “jyotish” or “science of light”. The seven main visible cosmic rays are Sun, Moon Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. There are also two invisible rays (ultraviolet or infrared), emanated from the Moon’s north- and south nodes. The signs of the Zodiac and the houses of the astrological Horoscope represent the different fields in which the planetary energies move within. This information allows us to “read” our future life experiences in this incarnation. The quality of this birth can be understood in the same way that a tree’s nature can be read from its seed. Your life will be shaped by your karma. The planets will indicate our inherent strengths and weaknesses in certain areas.

A complex set of remedial actions can be used in conjunction Vedic Astrology to boost the energies from certain planets. This will allow one to bring balance and harmony to one’s daily life. They can be used in two ways: sound vibrations are used to chant mantras and specific wavelengths of light vibrations are increased. This is what makes gemstone therapy possible.

Different gemstones get their potencies from different planets. This results in different effects on the wearer. These gemstones transmit electromagnetic energy from different planets depending on their stone. They can have different effects on the wearer. This is done by reflecting and absorption of light frequencies. Certain effects are produced when the electromagnetic energy from the gemstone is combined with the body’s electromagnetic energy. A qualified astrologer (or planetary gemologist) must analyze the astrological chart to determine which gems are best.

If the practitioner isn’t well-educated and experienced enough in this science, the new age practice of randomly placing gemstone crystals across the body can prove to be very dangerous. Gem crystals can be very powerful and can have the opposite effect of their positive effects on the electromagnetic fields. This can lead to mental and physical debilitations. If the gemstones are misused, there may be astral and subtle disturbances. They can be a boost and a greater power to our lives in many ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

After a thorough analysis of your Vedic Horoscope by a qualified and experienced astrologer or planetary gemologist, they will often recommend a gemstone or several gemstones that you will find beneficial throughout your lifetime. You can then set the chosen stone/s in a ring or pendant so that it touches your skin. This allows them transmit the frequencies of light or electromagnetic energy to our cells. This happens on a cellular basis through the body’s ions and electrolytes. The chakra system of your ethereal body absorbs the cosmic colors in the gems on a subtle level. Because of the many physical and ethereal nervous centers located there, the fingers are the best place to wear gemstones. Gemstone therapy has shown amazing improvements in the lives of people. The bottom line is that they have more energy and strength to fight negative karmic influences and maximize positive ones.

One word of caution. Gems must not be treated with heat or radiation to enhance their appearance. This is common on many gems that are used in jewelry trade for commercial purposes. You must ensure that the source of your purchase contains untreated gems. It has been a long-standing practice to treat gemstones to improve their beauty. This is especially true if a jeweler refuses to disclose that the gem has been enhanced. Sometimes we had to explain to clients that the gemstone they bought is not able to transmit the planetary/cosmic energys and has no beneficial use other than as a weaker type of color therapy. The ancient science of gemstone therapy is the basis of modern color therapy. You don’t have to spend a lot to get the right effect. The best thing about using the power of gemstones is that you only need to set it into a ring, or talisman. You will have the gem working for you for your entire life.